Glorious Food by Gill Potterton

Glorious Food by Gill Potterton

“Over the past three years I have written a series of articles, published under the heading 'In the Kitchen with Gill Potterton'. I have also run regular Cookery Demonstrations entitled 'All About Food', at Priory Farm in Nutfield.”

Catering for your Special Occasion

Thursday, 20th August 2009
Whether catering for a Birthday Party, Engagement or Anniversary Celebration, Garden Party, Christening or Funeral Reception, Dinner Party, family lunch or supper, every event is unique, and every client deserves a fresh and focussed approach........

'Dining In' is the new 'Dining Out'

Monday, 30th March 2009
As many of us struggle to make time for home-cooking in our hectic schedules, and are concerned about overspending, it seems there is a call for an easy and affordable alternative to dining out.

In the Kitchen with Gill Potterton. All About National Vegetarian Week

Sunday, 15th March 2009
Browsing through a calendar of British ‘Foodie’ Events, I found that 18th – 24th May is National Vegetarian Week, the annual awareness-raising campaign, promoting inspirational vegetarian food - the perfect theme for a Cookery Demonstration......

In the Kitchen with Gill Potterton - All about Cheese

Tuesday, 3rd February 2009
Want to try some new cheeses, support local producers, present an adventurous cheeseboard at a dinner party, or even cook with a different cheese? You would benefit from some personal service and knowledgeable advice, so venture into your nearest Deli....

In the Kitchen with Gill Potterton. All about Canapés

Monday, 3rd November 2008
My own creations might not all fall within the traditional definition of a canapé, but I have fun being innovative, and making use of some wonderful fresh ingredients. Furthermore, I believe that visual impact is just as important as taste, so.....

In the Kitchen with Gill Potterton - All about Presentation Dishes

Monday, 6th October 2008
In my cooking, the quality of the ingredients is paramount, but coming a close second is the importance of the presentation of the finished dish. Most of us ‘eat with our eyes’, before the food gets anywhere near our mouth so......

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